Q. What is build-up / frame ? Do I need it for my laminate counter tops ?

Q. What is build-up / frame ? Do I need it for my laminate counter tops ?
It depends on your cabinet drawers or doors style. To allow doors or drawers to open properly the countertop may have to be raised to allow clearance. Our deck is typically 5/8" thick particle board with a 1 1/4" build down of the edge profile.

Q. What is Post Form counter top

Post Form types of countertops are manufactured by applying laminate to a particle board substrate with a formed edges and/or backsplash. These rolls may be formed in only one direction, leading to long (up to 12' length), directional pieces sometimes called "blanks".

Q. Do you do install ?

Yes. We do both supply only and supply & install for coutertops. 

Q. Can I set hot things on my countertops?

We recommend that you DO NOT place hot things such as hot pots directly on any of the countertops. Direct heat might leave burn mark or damage your countertop in particular laminate counters.

Q. Can my laminate countertops be repaired ?

Unfortunately, laminate as materials difficult to repair. If it's chipped, cracked, burnt, water damaged, or impact damaged, it is a better idea to simply replace it.

Q. Will there be seam(s) in my Laminate Countertops?

It depends on the sizes, shape and edging profile of your countertops. A 90 degree diagonal / mitre seam is typical in post-formed tops in the corners. 

We recommend the seam placement should be positioned away from the sink. If you have a corner sink, square or bevel edge profile is preferrable to keep the seam far from water as possible.