Choosing new lamniate countertops for your kitchen & vanity can be a lot of fun. Laminate comes in hundreds of colours and patterns, including designs that mimic authentic stone, such as granite, marble, and slate. We offer over 30 colors in stock for standard kitchen & vanity cabinets from 5 major laminate brands including Arborite®, Formica®,  Nevamar®Pionite®, and, Wilsonart®.


Laminate stock colors


Laminate surface finishes

A matte finish is flat, while a gloss finish is . . well, glossy. While the matte may be a less vibrant finish, it also is better at hiding scratches and spills. Glossy finishes will show scratches and fingerprints more easily. Formica also has a "sparkle" finish, which has some texture. It has a bit more texture than a matte finish but also reflects light differently and has a little more sheen.


Edging Profiles